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Things that I wish I knew when I started using Python in Capital Markets.

The Course

Unveiling 'The Portfolio Manager's Guide to Python' - Unleash the Power of Tech in Your Investment Strategies. Designed not as an ordinary Python course but as a practical journey into the dynamic fusion of finance and technology, this program is the springboard for financial professionals, aspiring portfolio managers, investment analysts, and anyone ready to transform their financial decision-making.
In today's fast-paced financial world, technology literacy is no longer optional—it's a survival skill. Our course is meticulously curated by Jason, a veteran Quant Portfolio Manager who leverages Python daily in his investment decisions. Experience an exceptional blend of industry wisdom, hands-on learning, and real-world applications of Python within the financial arena.

Python In Action

Supercharge your Python prowess with regular updates that zero in on capital markets. Instead of simply teaching Python, we teach you how to wield Python as a tool to dissect analytical challenges through real-world instances and insider intuition.

Ready-to-Code Environment

As a subscriber, you get exclusive access to our pre-configured Jupyter Notebook service. With this robust platform, pre-loaded with all essential tools like Pandas, NumPy, and a plethora of finance-focused Python packages, you can immediately start exploring the Python code and tools featured in the course.

Key to a Private Codebase

Unlock a treasure trove of tools and functions we build in the course and repurpose them in your analysis. Our tailor-made JupyterHub environment is also peppered with pre-installed code snippets and tools that Jason uses in his day-to-day portfolio management. It's as good as apprenticing under an industry maestro, with an all-access pass to their toolkit and the chance to learn by dissecting their code.
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